We’ve been working on this for a long time, but we are extremely excited to finally announce that our debut album SEXPLOITATION will be RELEASED ON 03/06/2013!!

We can also confirm the FINAL TRACKLISTING!

1. Roseblood (Weeping Willow)
2. Die On The Floor
3. Harlot’s Web
4. Break The Night
5. Scenester
6. Frightmare
7. Kill Me Kate
8. As The Earth Dies Screaming
9. Heart Of Ice (Falling Out Of Love)
10. When Crimson Lips Spell Murder
11. Death Shower Scene
12. Obsession (I, Alone)
13. The Girl Who Was Death


It looks and sounds AMAZING and we are can’t wait for you guys to hear it. We’ll be posting loads more information including track-listing and pre-sale bonuses soon so keep checking back here for more info.

This is going to be good! 😀

ϟ § ϟ