Star Scream is a collective of human beings from the South East of England who use guitars, drums, white noise, strings, feedback, shouting and pianos to conjure up melodies to mesmerise in the 21st century.

Star Scream exists in an age of copyists and bandwagon-jumpers, Its sole purpose is to sound unlike anything you’ve ever heard whilst sounding exactly like everything you’d ever want to hear.

Star Scream is the sound of tomorrow – We’ll see you in the future.




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Sexploitation is an album that grips you because you just don’t know what’s coming next; imagine throwing a lit match into a box of fireworks and you’re about halfway there…
It isn’t just about big guitars and thunderous drums; the band use dynamics really effectively and the lyrics are actually worth listening to. In a world of manufactured pop pap and over-hyped ‘next big thing’ acts this album is a reminder that the real talent is still out there.
Sexploitation Review MusicRiot

Band Interview for Band of the Month feature Room Thirteen

I could very easily talk about every track on this album, describing the individual personality of each, gushing over just how bloody brilliant they are. But we’d be here all day. Take it from me, if you don’t have this album in your life, you are missing out immensely.
Sexploitation Review EGL Magazine

What’s striking is the control and order to all the chaos, with layers of instruments and noises working in harmony to create individual works of art… Sexploitation is a killer album that is brave enough to try a bit of everything and shove it right in your face. Just don’t try explaining the title to your nan.
Sexploitation Review Soundsphere Magazine

With song titles seemingly plucked straight out of Wednesday 13’s lyric book ‘Sexploitation’ is 13 tracks of dark and theatrical Glam tinged electronica, futuristic rock ‘n’ roll for the 21st Century. Fair play to the obviously talented and ambitious Adam Lightspeed, a good job has been done all over on this album, and Star Scream are an exciting proposition for the UK Glam Rock scene
Sexploitation Review Uber Rock

Bathed in a sea of blue and red stage lights Adam turns in a well-received set from the packed function room inside the pub. Star Scream favourites are given a new life when played this way and Adam’s vocals are given the chance to shine
Camden Rocks Festival Review My Global Mind

Energetic London electro-rock trio who would be at home on a huge stage with a tonne of pyro and glitter cannons… If you’re a fan of Rachel Stamp you won’t go wrong by going to see this lot.” Camden Rocks Festival Preview Pure Rawk
Adam Lightspeed Interview on Natalie’s World

Pumping their own brand of futuristic, screamy, dreamy, copycat defying, sultry glancing, Tim Burton romancing, guitar shredding, drum smashing, ear bleeding and tit blowingly mental rock; this band are currently melting the minds of humans everywhere.
Sexploitation Review Hoxton Amp

It’s certain that these guys clearly know what they’re doing when it comes down to making music, and with these creative factors at play, there is no telling or stopping them whatsoever.
Sexploitation Review Natalie’s World

Interview for FEATURE ARTIST slot on Push To Fire

Star Scream as FEATURE ARTIST on Music Mafia

Sexploitation by Star Scream is glamorous rock for the next generation
Sexploitation Review Music Merge


Sexploitation Press Release:

Sexploitation is an album that will send you whirling in different directions at every turn, not knowing where you will be taken next but leaving you thrilled to be a part of the journey.

It’s hard enough describing a band at the best of times, but Sussex based STAR SCREAM do an excellent job of making the task doubly hard. If you try to picture the bastard offspring of Matt Bellamy starring in a Rob Zombie epic, directed by Tim Burton and scored by the Manic Street Preachers, you still won’t be half way towards understanding what STAR SCREAM will do to your ears – but you should have an idea of just how intense, exciting and unrelentingly heroic it’s going to be.

The band has the sort of uncompromising vision and drive that has seen them described as a breath of fresh air in the smog laden musical climate; with their uniqueness and desire to push musical boundaries coupled with relentless touring and sold out headline shows helping them secure legions of dedicated fans (’Screamers’) up and down the country.

Lead singer and ‘sound-writer’ Adam Lightspeed is an enigma, his vocals have a charisma that engulfs your senses and on opening track ‘Roseblood’ he greets the listener with all the enthusiasm and brilliance that all musicians should ever hope to aspire to.

STAR SCREAM has that uncanny and unusual style that brings you into their world to possess your soul and throughout Sexploitation the band take you on a journey of back alley debauchery, heartbreak and theatrical pop brilliance, leaving you used and wanting more.

‘Die On The Floor’, is a subtly goffick, rock-n-roll- Frankenstein with prowling goodtime vibes and a hissy vocal all driven along by a fantastic throbbing bass line. Next the band kick things up to overdrive with fan-favourite ‘Scenester’, a glam-punk rock anthem played at breakneck speed which mixes T-Rex with The Ramones in a stupidly effective way.

Like all great albums, Sexploitation is a journey, and whether it’s the high tempo and low rumbling bass lines of ‘Death Shower Scene’, the 80’s keyboards and brutal fuzzed up guitar riffs of ‘Kill Me Kate’, or the heartstring tugging ‘The Girl Who Was Death’; this sonically smooth yet emotionally raw album seeps in to your soul and sends you crazy with excitement along with the music.

Sexploitation is theatrical rock n’ roll of the highest calibre and demonstrates the width of the talent STAR SCREAM has only just begun to show to the world. Managing to pull off both a full on rock blast and hauntingly touching ballads on the same CD, this is an album that will leave you bewildered and open mouthed after the first listen – not quite sure what you’ve just heard, but knowing that you fucking loved it.