We’re so pleased to be getting some fantastic reviews for Sexploitation which was released last month, it really means so much to us that people ‘get’ what we’re doing and you guys seem to love the album too, so thank you one and all!

Here are some of our favourite quotes so far –

“What’s striking is the control and order to all the chaos, with layers of instruments and noises working in harmony to create individual works of art… Sexploitation is a killer album that is brave enough to try a bit of everything and shove it right in your face. Just don’t try explaining the title to your nan.” Soundsphere Magazine

“With song titles seemingly plucked straight out of Wednesday 13’s lyric book ‘Sexploitation’ is 13 tracks of dark and theatrical Glam tinged electronica, futuristic rock ‘n’ roll for the 21st Century. Fair play to the obviously talented and ambitious Adam Lightspeed, a good job has been done all over on this album, and Star Scream are an exciting proposition for the UK Glam Rock scene” Uber Rock

“Pumping their own brand of futuristic, screamy, dreamy, copycat defying, sultry glancing, Tim Burton romancing, guitar shredding, drum smashing, ear bleeding and tit blowingly mental rock; this band are currently melting the minds of humans everywhere.” Hoxton Amp