Day: January 12, 2015


Star Scream Vs Poster


Stereo Juggernaut & Star Scream co-host a night of self-destructive punk from outer space...

Saturday 24th January 2015

Finsbury Park
5 Station Place, London N4 2DH
(Opposite Finsbury Park Station)

£3 Entry

Doors 7:30PM

Stereo Juggernaut VS Star Scream DJ battle 'til late!

This is also PHIL & SANDRA's joint BIRTHDAY bosh! Come and help us help them to "spontaneously" combust!
NB: Some of the door proceeds WILL be donated to Phil's monthly surgery for maintaining his youthful face.


Displaying a unique hybrid of heavy, old-school guitars and futuristic electronics, Stereo Juggernaut have become renowned on the UK circuit for their dark, yet romantic songwriting, and their high-octane live energy. Their sound is that of an abandoned offspring of an orgy between Placebo, Smashing Pumpkins, Deftones, The Wildhearts and early Muse.

2014 saw SJ self-release their Novocaine Hurricane EP, earning shows with the likes of Orgy, Breed 77, Apoptygma Bezerk & The Yo-Yo's. They also appeared at Camden Rocks Festival, and had their first trip to Scandinavia.

Vote for Stereo Juggernaut's "Novocaine Hurricane" for best EP/Single of the year, Pure Rawk Awards 2015 here:

"A band that are pioneers of their art. Like technology, music is moving at a frightening pace at the moment, bands that can't keep up will fall. Stereo Juggernaut should then be considered as a UK musical equivalent of Usain Bolt." - DEVOLUTION MAGAZINE

"Sounds like what might happen if Al Jourgensen and Motorhead hooked up to jam over a few beers" - PURE RAWK



Star Scream pump their own brand of futuristic, screamy, dreamy, copycat defying, sultry glancing, Tim Burton romancing, guitar shredding, drum smashing, ear bleeding and tit blowingly mental rock; this band are currently melting the minds of humans everywhere.

Star Scream are about to unleash the eagerly anticipated video for "Death Shower Scene", from their critically acclaimed "Sexploitation" record.

"Energetic London electro-rock trio who would be at home on a huge stage with a tonne of pyro and glitter cannons… If you’re a fan of Rachel Stamp you won’t go wrong by going to see this lot." - PURE RAWK

"What’s striking is the control and order to all the chaos, with layers of instruments and noises working in harmony to create individual works of art… 'Sexploitation' is a killer album that is brave enough to try a bit of everything and shove it right in your face" - SOUNDSPHERE MAGAZINE